Saturday, November 29, 2008

River East Profile: Washington Highlands

Most people don't know what to call the neighborhood sandwiched between South Capital Street, Southern Avenue, and MLK Drive - well, it's Washington Highlands. Honestly, there's no reason for anyone to know its name because, on the surface, there isn't anything particularly desirable about it. Here are some stats according to DC Office of Planning:
  • Median Household Income = $27,000 vs DC average of $56,000
  • Homeownership rate = 19% vs DC average of 41%
  • Average cost of home = $200,000 vs DC average of $400,000
As you can see, we're at the low end on each of these statistics. It's important to note however, that because homes are so affordable, this is a prime location for young folks or first time home-buyers to get their foot in the door. With that backdrop, I'm happy to say there are a number of very energetic and socially active condo associations springing up left and right! Next time you're in the area, take a drive down one of our tree-lined streets and experience how nice and cozy life in Washington Highlands really is. Of course, we have our fair share of SE issues. But let's look at moving to Washington Highlands as an ideal opportunity to really be the change we all want to see in River East!


nemo said...

this blog is so cute, lol. you're hood sounds awesome, let me know where to sign up!

Ruth said...

What's your e-mail address or contact information?

Braveheart said...


Thanks for visiting the blog! I can be reached at!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Scenic Artisan said...

can you explain why you wish to call your area of the city a new name? and why river east?

how do you anticipate "river east" being perceived differently than "east of the river".

Braveheart said...

Great question! "River East" was coined by the River East Emerging Leaders (R.E.E.L.) organization - of which I am a member. We determined that "East of the River" has a relatively negative connotation and we want a newer, fresher, more positive perspective on our community.

We chose "River East" because it covers the entire area that's east of the Anacostia: SE, SW, Ward 7, and Ward 8. We wanted a name that doesn't exclude any of these areas, and we believe "River East" serves that concern well.

Thanks for asking, and please let me know if you have additional questions!

East River Heights Community said...

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Maybe I will see you at some local events!